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Welcome to Coach Yazz

I have  my customers already  NINJA WARRIOR  did!


You and my training concept have something in common:  It's a holistic concept.

Demotivation, obesity and social difficulties are just a few deficits that cannot be remedied solely with intensive training. Training is about so much more: you.  

I don't just train yours  muscles but also your mind.

Your must be sustainable  Spirit realign and needed one  qualified  training partner.  

Age doesn't matter to us .

  • Sometimes children need a trainer, not a therapist and it  even one or two hours of training will help.

  • Also have teenagers  physical and mental problems that I have always had with our training  could solve. concerned  see parents  the sincere authenticity in training and understand that it  a  can be a real miracle cure.

  • No matter how long and how much you  has experienced before, it can throw you off track or give you a reason to start over.  

Reinventing, designing and experiencing yourself is part of my profession. I see the person on his/her  Away and accompany him/her on the way to the goal, with everything in my power and that's not a little!

21 years of professional experience and an innate above-average portion of motivation is there to share!  In addition, there are many qualifications, studies, training and further education, which you can find on my CV. 

This is about you first!

Call your coach now!

Directly from my clients:


I want to thank you for doing such a great job!
It is so valuable when young people find enthusiasm through you.

I can't thank you enough for that  to say!

Sandra K

It's amazing how quickly my body builds up from workout to workout. 

have 5 kg
  I down and that's just the side effect.

I like that!

ben b

I've found my inner wonderwoman. After personal training with Coach Yazz, I continue to maintain my weight independently.

I'm me again!

caro p




One unity

personal training

  • individual training time

  • flexible training location

  • Mon-Sun bookable


high 5

 Five units and you  get -10% discount

  • Daily Coach* (Mon-Fri)  is at your disposal.



Ten units and you save €240

  • accompanying  training schedule

  • Daily Coach* (Mon-Sun) is at your disposal.

  • Online Coach 2 Go**

*Daily Coach is the offer to get in touch with your coach daily via messenger, at no extra charge  **Online Coach 2 Go is an option for people with flexible working locations to train regularly online.



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